The Cold

After a catastrophic event leaves a couple stranded, a man must embark on a perilous journey to hunt for food and supplies, in spite of the ever-present threat of the mysterious shadow people and the extreme cold.


During a civil war in the UK, a group of refugees, nicknamed ‘stragglers’ trek across the country to escape the … More

The Test

During an odd job selection process, a man and a woman have to make each other leave the room in … More

Come Down

Leaving a night club together, Rob and Chloe decide to walk home in the early hours of the morning but as the drugs wear off the cracks start to appear in what they thought was something perfect

One Way Ticket

A Muay-Thai fighter has to overcome mental health issues and personal loss to prove to everyone and himself, that he … More


RE:PRODUCTION is an exploration of the fetish known as ‘milking’, which consists of the modification of 1950’s cow milking machines … More


A dramatic short film which explores life as a student, domestic violence, abortion, over protection and mental health. Main protagonist, … More

Land of Winter

A lost young man staggers through Dublin’s cold streets desperately trying to find somewhere still serving on a dark winter’s … More


After a night of passion Emily tells Jay that she’d like to use a strap-on. Scared of losing a girl … More


Most of us have an alter ego hiding under the surface. We try our best to keep it in, but … More

Games Night

An innocent night of fun turns toxic when a group of friends discover more about one another than they bargained … More


Kirsty has recently become telepathic with her cousins’ opinionated dog. Communicating with animals isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. … More

The War Inside

A psychological thriller set in World War II, exploring the feelings that one man experiences when he begins to evaluate … More


Tracking down the mysterious Omega Signal, Irene McClintock and Barbara Meitner are marooned on Salus 263. With an Oxygen supply … More


The effects of global warming and climate change are already visible in 2018. What will the planet look like in … More


A short, one-take horror film about a group of girls who play a game of ‘Spotlight’ in the forest. UK … More


A short film about quitting by Matthew Frost starring Mackenzie Davis UK | Director – Matthew Frost | Satire (we will … More