Run Hide Die

A lonely woman walks across an isolated beach caught in a dream of what might have been and what never was.

Musician Don Brosnan (The Real Tuesday Weld) and creative mastermind Velvet Huxley team up with mischievous French chanteuse, Adrienne Pauly, to create the enigmatic dream-thriller “Fuis Planque-toi Crève (Run Hide Die).”

A surreal Nouvelle Vague fantasy that blends the style of Godard with the sensuality of Robbe-Grillet, “Fuis Planque-toi Crève (Run Hide Die)” puts the femme fatale right at the heart of the matter. But is she the hunted or the hunter, the victor or the victim? And could the mysterious stranger be her lost lover or her darkest secret?

Soundtracked by cult desert-electronic rock band Super J Lounge, “Fuis Planque-toi Crève (Run Hide Die)” is a bold and inventive take on the amorphous nature of love and the inevitability of death delivered with style and knowing wit.

UK | Director – Don Brosnan