Welcome to the UK Student Film Festival which celebrates and showcases the most original, exciting and well realised short films by the most talented up and coming film students from around the world.

We started the UK Student Film Festival in order to showcase young and/or aspiring filmmakers taking their first steps in the world of short film creation. In our festival we will screen the most innovative new films from film students around the world in all different genres including drama, comedy, documentary, experimental, horror, animation and more. All we require is that films are made with conviction, a quest for originality and will involve an audience. We screen our festival in London, one of the major centres of film and content production on the planet and we will endeavour to help our officially selected films gain wider notice within the industry at large.

Our festival is a member of the WWCSFF Film Festivals collective which includes…

The festival is curated by WWCSFF Film Festivals, the same team that produces the

London – Seasonal Short Film Festival

London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival

Asia South East-Short Film Festival

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UK Seasonal Short Film Festival,
UK Music Video Festival,
UK Student Film Festival &
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