The Cold

After a catastrophic event leaves a couple stranded, a man must embark on a perilous journey to hunt for food and supplies, in spite of the ever-present threat of the mysterious shadow people and the extreme cold.


During a civil war in the UK, a group of refugees, nicknamed ‘stragglers’ trek across the country to escape the … More


An original short film based on a gangster’s life, played by the king of streets Jackie Shroff.

Les Monstres

Five monsters living together plan to conquer the world but realize that they are … nice!


A man is chased through an apocalyptic wasteland. His threatening journey soon confronts him with a dysfunctional society and his … More


Tracking down the mysterious Omega Signal, Irene McClintock and Barbara Meitner are marooned on Salus 263. With an Oxygen supply … More