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Check out this lovely review of “Tips”! A film appearing in our online London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival….

Message: Re: Tips.
Thank you very, very much. I laughed, heartily. In these times such laughter is rare. You made that happen.
Kudos to Elise Bauman and Leah Doz for producing Tips. Did I say I laughed. Thanks for the acting – when an actor makes me like, or not like, a character then I think that is good acting. It makes a film stick its fingers in my eyes. You made me scream “ouch” when the server fell onto the hood of the car.
I liked, and disliked at different moments, each of the three characters on the screen. The actors did that.
The fourth character – the app – that runs the workers’ lives, is present but not seen or heard, so we know that character by hearsay only. Villains, in my experience, are the ones often known by hearsay only. So the App is the villain. Thanks for the writing, Leah Doz.
When the characters are believable for me that makes the film. I take the believability as the result of the directing, so thanks to Mercedes Papalia.
Another would be fine. And then a third. Thanks.

Watch the film here…

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