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Official Selections | 1 World Film Festival | Spring 2024

Disturbing Kafkaesque thrillers, coming of age realism, insightful sci-fis, darkly humorous animations, moving, empathetic documentaries, surreal comedies, & much, much more at the Spring 2024 edition of the 1 World Film Festival

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Short film about army life depicts North Korea’s caste system

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Medal Winners | London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival | 2024

We had another hilarious line-up of short comedy films from all over Terra Firma! A Spinal Tap worthy rock/mockumentary, a Swedish middle-aged face-off, sardonic music videos, demonically possessed front bottoms, decadent and over the top banquets of degradation and naughtiness. Yes, the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Fest was back to enhance our lives and in many cases created world peace; if only for a few fleeting moments. Thank you to all our filmmakers, many of who were able to attend. Nothing better than a cinema rocking with laughter and that was achieved. See thee again, anon!

‘We’re going to become fish’: how a ‘natural history fantasy’ found its way to the Baftas

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‘The 2024 Oscar Nominated Short Films’ Review: Small Running Times, Large Themes

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LA NUEVA (The Newcomer): 2023’s Horror Short Film of the Year? It Just Might be…

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Medal Winners | London Seasonal Short Film Festival 2024

This season we were lucky enough to showcase stunningly beautiful docs from Antarctica, poignant & jarring reflections from the Ukrainian war, satirical film noirs, bizarre & unique animations, gritty French action suspenses, revenge thrillers, darkly insightful sci-fi shorts, clever & original music pieces & much, much more! We give thanks, praises & plaudits to our most esteemed filmmakers!

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01 NFT | New Media | Experimental | Digital Arts Film Festival | 2024

Right on the forefront of innovation, just before filmmakers, film festivals & audiences all get replaced by A.I., we offered up our newest offerings to the Gods of progress. We screened beautifully imagined films using the most advanced technologies this side of N.A.S.A. & Legoland. People came & were dazzled while looking into our collective futures. We realised the future’s bright, the future’s….

The 01 NFT | New Media | Experimental | Digital Arts Film Festival | 2024

Special Day: “Terrifying” short film explained

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Medal Winners | UK Animation & Music Video Festival | 2024

We had elegance personified with Gaby Moreno & Oscar Isaac, a classic rock track set in a traditional Chinese environment, experimental animation, live and lush orchestral pop music, futuristic dance narratives, harrowing anti-war pieces, Disneyesque show stoppers with a dark twist & much, much more at our wonderful festival. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. See you next time!