About Our Festival

The 1 World Comedy Film Festival combines the best of cinema and live performance. We screen the best and most engaging short films, music videos, animations and more along with the most hilarious comedy performers to create a sublimely satisfying festival event for our audiences. The festival is held in various locations around the United Kingdom, drawing on both nationally known and local talent for the live performances and worldwide for the cinematic element.

It is a unique, one of a kind, and very special kind of festival that has no other rivals. It is curated by the same team that curates the very popular and established London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival, which is now in its twelfth edition and also seven other film festivals under the banner of WWCSFF Film Festivals.

The festival is curated by WWCSFF Film Festivals, the same team that produces the

London – Seasonal Short Film Festival

London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival

Asia South East-Short Film Festival

& Our other festivals:

UK Seasonal Short Film Festival,
UK Music Video Festival,
1 World Student Film Festival
UK Student Film Festival &
01 NFT | New Media | Experimental | Digital Arts Film Festival.

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